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Sunday, August 8, 2010

For the love of vintage Valentines Day Cards

What better way is there to proclaim your often as yet undisclosed love for another than with a cute furry animal? Said fuzzy darling   holds the keys to many hearts, usually safely contained within a quaint, love-heart shaped box quite literally melting with flowers, candies and other such delightful treats. 

But who was the first (and bravest indeed) to post off such darling intent?   A little research is to be had here at

But please do not feel that loving bunnies only be darlingly posted to our dearests on February 14th. Be dashing year round. Make your own cards, print off one or more of these cuties or be adventurous and take to the window, fiddle abreast, single rose firmly placed in the lapel. 

Spread the love with a generous heart.

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